Member registration

The purpose of registration is to get a better way to communicate thru newsletter and ensure we reach more people than sending email without much return and get a better picture of whom are our members and friends.

We ensure and will ever handle your information and communications with the most
privacy and care possible.Thanks for your trust and be ensured we will never communicate the information entered here to anyone but the ASUGAS committee for the purpose of communications and sharing our activities and create synergy among our members.

We have revised members registration fees , we hope this will motivate people to become active members
so we could fund and offer events and keep the association active for a proper funding for the activities.
The more people are contributing the more we will be able to provide services and offerings.

The committee decided to revise as such the member registration fees.

For family (2 adults and your kids up to majority) at 60.- CHF
For single individual (1 adult) at 30.- CHF

You can wire money directly from E-banking to our IBAN ASUGAS account with your name
in communications for us to follow up. Thanks for your contribution.

UBS Account name  :  Uganda Geneva Association
IBAN :  CH57 0027 9279 CA10 4190 0