The Association of Ugandan living in Switzerland (ASUGAS) is a body for Ugandans and other people in Switzerland, that have an interest in Uganda and in maintaining the identity of Ugandans in Switzerland.



The Vision of ASUGAS is to have a diverse and homogeneous membership that actively participates in or is supportive of the activities that the Association organizes or is a  collaborator in.


ASUGAS’s mission is:

To improve the life quality of members regardless of age, sex and ethnicity or nationality by promoting activities in Switzerland/Uganda that enhance one’s social, cultural experiences and identity. Such activities could include: sensitization, networking, service provision, etc.


The principal aims and objectives of ASUGAS are:

  • To promote contacts, understanding and co-operation between the peoples of Switzerland and Uganda by, for example:
  • To unite Ugandans and maintain the identity of people of Ugandan origin in Switzerland through cultural and social activities.
  • Spreading knowledge and information about Uganda.
  • Encouraging travel, cultural exchange and other activities between both countries.



The Association will always require that members behave with honesty and integrity and that they openly share ideas and concerns but respect the need for individual discretion.

All Association members are treated with respect and equality.


Besides ASUGAS’s general assembly which is the Association’s supreme authority and policy approving body, The Association’s affairs and activities are managed by:

1. The Executive Committee –  (chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, vice-secretary, treasurer, vice-treasurer and four other elected officials).



ASUGAS engages in all types of activities that are in line with the above-outlined vision, mission and objectives of the Association.  Through collaboration with various individuals, institutions, organisations and public bodies in the Republic and Canton of Geneva has often experienced great  success in realizing planned/desired activities.