Dear fellow compatriots,

This year, we are celebrating the 60th independence of the republic of Uganda in Grand Morillon student House Rue Michelle Nicod 8, 1202 Genève

To commemorate this milestone, the Association of Ugandans living in Switzerland (ASUGAS) has initiated preparations that will bring all Ugandans together to celebrate with pride this year’s independence.

This unique occasion presents a great opportunity to celebrate our different cultures through food, music, art and showcase the culinary specialties and cultural stories from Ugandans living in Switzerland. The diversity of our country makes us different but also brings us together.

As we plan to celebrate together, we invite you to share ideas that you would like to see on this colourful event or volunteer to be part of organizing committee.

We are interested in finding out:

  • What type of entertainment you would like to have?

  • Do you have any recommendations for a venue?

  • What are you hoping to gain from this special event?

  • Do you have any special tips to improve our Independence Day events?

You may send your ideas or indicate if you’re interested in joining the organizing committee using the following link.

Please share this message with other fellow Ugandans in your networks.

The get-together will be this saturday 5th November from 18h in Grand Morillon student House Rue Michelle Nicod 8, 1202 Genève 

With kind regards,